Our Vendor Managed Inventory Service for Wireless Accessory Retailers


Full visibility of inventory replenishment.


Identify & maximize inventory turns to reduce cost & increase profit.


Reduce "busy work" of forecasting and creating POs.


Align training, promotions and support to drive profits.

Our VMI program provides the transparent reporting needed to accurately and efficiently formulate purchasing decisions and drive sell through to keep inventory fresh, relevant and profitable.

How You Benefit With VMI


Improved purchase management and efficiency.

  • Automated process enables successful product load in
  • Minimize errors and reduce busy work
  • Perform prioritized forecasting around launch strategies

Reduce out-of-stock inventory and subsequent lost sales opportunities.

  • Utilize daily analytics to make successful replenishment choices
  • Keep in-demand products on the shelf through automation
  • Daily visibility to product trends capitalizes on extrodinary demand

Customized RMA period to fit your business.

  • Monthly reporting to target under performing products
  • Reduce dead stock

How Our VMI Program Works

Benefit More with Dashboard


Accessory Business Intelligence

This exclusive business intelligence tool enhances your VMI experience by allowing our integrated VMI partners to effortlessly achieve a granular view of your accessory inventory and sales details.

Expect Great Things.

Your business is our business and we care about the success of your product offering.

Our VMI program is complimented by a strong, multi-level support system comprised of our sales team and our brand partners. Our partnerships with the industry’s leading brands will extend to you.

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