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Life Unleashed

At ZAGG, Life Unleashed applies to more than just their products. It means having a place where you’re not boxed in by cubicles or the conventional. ZAGG want both their customers — and their employees — to feel like nothing can hold them back.

Established to act as a foundation for the company, there are seven core values that guide ZAGG daily:

  • Integrity
  • Ownership
  • Care for People
  • Passion
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Performance
  • Sense of Urgency


Each core value acts as a key component in working toward ZAGG’s main objectives of providing creative product solutions, executing targeted global distribution, being the preferred brand for its customers, and exhibiting operational excellence. While ZAGG is a global leader in mobile accessories, it’s still at its core a scrappy, entrepreneurial company with a humble attitude wanting to earn its customers' trust every day.

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