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LifeProof's award winning cases and accessories seek to change the way consumers live, work and play with mobile electronics. LifeProof's premium smartphone cases, tablet cases and accessories are designed to deliver complete confidence and total freedom to consumers - the freedom to live however, whenever and wherever life takes them.

By delivering capabilities and freedoms never thought possible, LifeProof takes the worry out of living any lifestyle to the fullest. LifeProof promises premium performance, superior quality, exceptional value and excellence in every dimension of a consumer's experience.

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No iPhone abuse allowed
a highly protective case made from a polypropylene/polycarbonate blend that is waterproof and shatterproof to 61/2 feet. Obviously if water won't get in, neither will snow or dirt. Even with all that shielding, its screen protector provides full touch screen function and full use of the iPhone 5s Touch ID. The case ships with an adapter cable for headphones and is available for all iPhone 5 models as well as Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 phones. (More)

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