VMI Order
Approval Tool

Transparent Order Replenishment


Our exclusive VMI Order Approval Tool is further proof of our commitment to innovation and our commitment to you. It represents the VoiceComm difference, which you might not see, but feel, particularly the peace in mind with our transparency process and managing your inventory as if it is our own.

How it works

VoiceComm analyzes your point of sale (POS) data and uses our forecasting model to determine the best replenishment strategy for every product in your store or stores.

Based on your business model, weekly orders are generated for your review with inventory sales and replenishment strategy detailed.

This provides you an opportunity to review, make adjustments or approve as-is.
The choice is yours!


  • VMI Order Approval Tool allows you to strategically offload many aspects of the heavy lifting required to build and submit PO's to your vendors. VoiceComm's expert VMI Team will be "your personal spotter/an extension of your team" and ensure we'll do the lifting for you, all based off of the deep analysis extracted from metrics driven from your collaboration with us.

  • Imagine being able to come into the office on "order day," and instead of your employee spending hours of their time running tedious replenishment calculations and building PO's, they now have extra time to focus strategically on where they can best improve your accessory lineup to drive increased sales. It's worth noting VoiceComm offers free tools which can help you drive increased sales.

  • Perhaps you employ one of the many buyers who have told VoiceComm they struggle to take a real vacation because they need to be available to login and build orders for their stores. VoiceComm's VMI allows them to set it and forget it when your employees need a little time to themselves. With careful planning before a big trip, we can ensure orders are run to their exact specifications while your employee is away and skip the approval process for a week. Your employee will come back to the office post-vacation fully rested and their significant other will be thrilled about finally being able to take a "real vacation".

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VMI is the future, and our VMI Order Approval Tool is one more exclusive feature from VoiceComm that will help you get there. Contact [email protected] today to not only learn more, but get started on the program and training for the approval tool.