Wireless Accessory Lookbooks

Holiday Accessory Guide 2018

This season will offer a maximum of 32 days between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Meaning, it will provide shoppers with ample opportunity to complete more of their holiday shopping. Robust consumer spending throughout the year suggests that the 2018 holiday season is poised for strong retail sales growth across channels. Positive macroeconomic conditions will fuel holiday season spending.

The holiday season will assuredly produce more foot traffic for your store, so be prepared to capitalize. Use this guide for thoughtfully selected products that align with in-demand categories to maximize on attachment opportunities.

Spring/Summer 2018

As this part of the hemisphere begins to warm up and life begins to align itself with the season, retailers are busy adjusting their salable goods and services to remain in step. Keeping your mobile accessory selections relevant through the Spring and Summer months will keep you aligned with attachment opportunities.

The products in this lookbook have been hand-selected by our team to complement mobile lifestyles during this period of fashion trend-setting, outdoor activity, beach-going, and adventuring. We hope it complements your success!