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Two of our most popular programs, Dropship and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), are integrated services produced in partnership with iQmetrix. VoiceComm is an iQmetrix premier integrated partner, and you need to be part of their point of sale program to take advantage. Each program can significantly impact the health of your business for the better, and we hope you will consider both.


There are numerous benefits to joining our Dropship and VMI programs.

Key benefits include:

Vendor Managed Inventory

Full visibility of inventory replenishment.

Identify & maximize inventory turns to reduce cost & increase profit.

Reduce "busy work" of forecasting and creating POs.

Align training, promotions and support to drive profits.

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Capture lost sales

Increase competitive advantage

Deliver a better customer experience

Great commission opportunity

Increases your bottom line

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Since 1999, iQmetrix has grown to become one of the leading provider of cloud-based retail management solutions in North America. iQmetrix's passion for retail and creating great experiences for wireless and specialty retailers, their employees, and the end consumer has helped the company take that expertise and expand it into new products that enable an omnichannel experience.

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Now that you have a top-line understanding of each program, contact your designated sales representative today or fill out the form below for a more granular view. Your sales representative will expertly present the details of each program and qualify you to ensure both Dropship and VMI are a perfect fit for your business. Profits await.

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