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Product Information for BELKIN

Belkin Armbands

The stylish, yet functional EaseFit, EaseFit Plus, and Sport-Fit let you concentrate on your workout, not your phone. The longer strap with adjustable closure provides superior fit and comfort while the key pouch is perfect for holding your home, car or locker key.

The lightweight and comfortable Slim-Fit Armband protects your phone while you're exercising. The slim design stays out of your way and remains securely around your arm so you can focus on your workout, not your device. The stretchy neoprene material is breathable and hand-washable. Reflective fabric accents keep you safe and visible to others, making this armband ideal for anyone who exercises outdoors after dark.

Belkin Charge + Sync Docks

Charge your devices on the go with the convenient and portable Belkin Charge + Sync Dock. Power is immediately supplied to your device by the provided USB cord connecting to your computer. Depending on the case you have, you may need to remove it prior to beginning charge to receive maximum input.

Belkin Grip Power Battery Cases

Our Grip Power Battery Case doesn't just extend your phone's battery life - it also protects it. The secure-hold grip design keeps your phone from accidentally slipping out of your hand, but in the case it does get dropped or bumped, the shock-resistant material has you covered. Another great feature is the Anti-Glare Camera Ring that doesn't get in the way of your camera flash, so you can keep on snapping great pictures.

Belkin MIXIT↑ Series

Audio Cables

  • 3.5mm plug on each end
  • Chrome-finished plugs and nickel-plated contacts
  • Flat design prevents tangles
  • 3-Feet (0.9m)

Charge + Sync Cables

* Available for Micro USB and Lightning USB

Charge and sync your devices quickly and safely, using just one cable. Simply plug the USB end directly into any USB port to stay connected while you’re at home, at work, or on the road.

The MIXIT↑ Charge + Sync Cable plugs into any USB 2.0 port, so you can use it virtually anywhere. Connect to your laptop to charge and sync, use your own wall charger to charge from the wall, or plug into a car charger and charge on the road.


These 10W car and home charger adapters are designed to work with the most juice sucking of devices. Use your MIXIT? cable (not included)to connect in color as you charge at home or on the go.

Belkin Smart Accessories

The Belkin Wi-Fi NetCam and WeMo accessories allow you to keep tabs on your home and family. Not only is the WeMo an ingenious way of monitoring your family's security, it is also a great gift idea for the new parents or pet owners looking to check in every so often at home. The Miracast video adapter provides high quality video transfer and viewing. Check out the selection of Smart Accessories - HERE!

Belkin Smart Phone Cases

From the Grip Candy and Sheer Series to the LEGO Builder Cases, Belkin has your device covered.

Check out the selection of Smart Phone Cases - HERE!

Belkin Tablet Cases

Your work is no joke, and your protection shouldn't be either. Protect your tablet with Belkin's specialized line of tablet cases specifically designed to keep the device safe while looking fresh. Whether you are looking for a high tech Bluetooth Keyboard Case or a calm quilted cover, Belkin has you covered! Check out the full line of Tablet Cases - HERE!

Belkin TrueClear™ Invisiglass

TrueClear™ InvisiGlass Advanced Screen Protection is the best screen protector available, engineered for strength and clarity and tested to meet optometric standards. The result is a crystal clear screen protector that keeps your screen safe from damage while still giving you an incredible screen experience.

This most advanced screen protector is made with 100% real, flexible glass, making it 9x stronger than the competition and 2.5x smoother than regular plastic screen protectors. It's also amazingly thin - only 0.2mm between you and your screen.

A higher molecular density gives the InvisiGlass™ Screen Protector its unbelievable strength, and makes it harder for foreign objects, like keys or concrete, to damage it. And thanks to specially engineered FluidFlex™ technology, the glass screen protector has a unique elasticity that actually absorbs the shock of impact.

Patented TrueClear™ technology allows light to pass through our screen protectors precisely and evenly, giving you a level of sharpness and vibrancy higher than even the leading competitor's high-definition products.



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